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  • Mike Masr

    The bandurists in Kiev do not want to make peace with Donbass. They continue to shell the DPR everyday.

    Poroshenko is a liar and a stooge. As the DPR tries to comply with Minsk II the Kiev forces are rebuilding
    for another full scale war against the DPR.

    Here is what they watch on TV in Kiev.

    A Call for Concentration Camps
    On the evening of June 17th prime time television viewers in Ukraine were treated to another of the neo-fascist performances that are now part of the country’s routine. Ideologist of the Ukrainian far right Dmytro Korchynskiy urged the Maidan regime to set up concentration camps for the Donbas’s and Crimea’s population and carry out a full ethnic cleansing and depopulation of the Donbas rebel regions and Crimea: “Americans are our teachers of democracy. The USA is truly the most democratic country in the world today. All democratic institutions were preserved in America during WWII, such as elections, etc. Nevertheless, several million American citizens were deported to particular concentration camps – American citizens of Japanese ethnicity. In wartime they constituted a potential threat. The USA, having preserved the high level of humanism inside its own nation, carried out a nuclear strike upon Japan. They also bombed German cities. Eighty per cent of residential buildings in Germany were destroyed by Anglo-American air raids. The doctrine implied shelling of residential areas first and foremost in order to demoralize German soldiers at the front, etc. Thus, we also should have the highest level of freedom in Ukraine. We have too little freedom. We should have more freedom. Nevertheless, in the front-line zone and occupied territories we should act in the American way; that is, if we lost territories and cannot get them back, they must be lifeless. If they cannot be ours, they ought belong to no one” (Dmytro Korchinskiy’s comments on Ukraine’s channel ‘112’, 17 June 2015 at “Na ukrainskom TV prizvali k sozdaniyu kontslagerei dlya zhitelei Donbassa,” YouTube, 17 June 2015,

  • Ausiàs

    What was better for democraty and human rights Simon Petliura of the Ukrainian People Republic or the russian bolchevik governement of Vladimir Ilitch Ulianov ?

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