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  • Bravo!!!!

    Fight hard the fascism, long to militias.

    Support from Chile.

    • Daniel

      I agree. Support you all the way from Chicago IL. Kill the fascist. Never trust German especially Merkel.

  • Alex

    Bravo, keep fighting the nazi occupiers. Sweden supports you, we have been infiltrated by nazis loyalists long ago.

  • lsammart

    Bravissimo! Prayers that you may win and destroy kiew nazi regime!!!

  • Rom

    Sebastian, what fascism? Too much watching cartoons!

  • Sgt Cold

    Hang Poroshenko and Yats from Kiev lamp posts and put out international arrest warrant for Vicki Nuland and Obama.

    • MirDon

      After this is finished, we will have a Nuremberg 2. A lot more than these few you Sgt Cold mention, will have to stand trial. Nato Commanders, all the heads of states that supported the Nazi Junta and the Nazis themselves.

  • Max

    Stay strong Novorossia!! We are with you!
    Kill the fascists all the way to Kiev, rebiata!!!

  • Long live to the army of Novorossia ,we are proud of you

  • People and soldiers of Novorossia you have our full support.


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