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  • Victor Victory

    This website is the best entertainment propaganda

    • Toronto Tonto

      Hey pal , nice to see you .

  • Toronto Tonto

    Your fuckin dreamin you Russian terrorists .

    • neutrinox

      Heh heh heh … bwahahahahahahaha

    • Ro Nom

      US canada and US ukraine are in a similar situation. Both are ruled by US deep state as is the entire western world. US ukraine is one of harshest regime under the US deep state. There the US deep state runs around and does things on grand scale with impunity.

    • Ro Nom

      US ukraine and US canada are in a similar situation. Both are ruled by the US deep state. US ukraine is the mostly tightly controlled territory by US deep state in the world. It has no independence for anything even to help its own people. Everything is for the US deep state interests no matter how vile.

    • Ramin Mohammad

      You shame all Canadians with your american dick sucking. Go to american you fucking traitor.

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