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  • Fran Webber

    John McCain took billions of dollars from American taxpayers and gave it to Ukrainian nationalists. One-third of the people of Arizona drive without car insurance because they are broke.

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    They’re actually pretty smart (but evil) — they know that the NATO terrorists need them in place when they want to invade Russia, so they can do whatever they want and still get loads of cash thrown at them by the IMF and similar US proxies.

    Why repay anything or fulfill any of their demands if you know they’ll do what you want them to anyway?

  • Rev. Walking Turtle

    So in the Sandbox of your Mind, Beloveds, let’s just make Yours Truly “President for a Day”. (OK, really two weeks with NO INTERFERENCE might actually prove adequate. Otherwise a year might be needed.)

    Law: Nonetheless and in any case, imvho it is HIGH TIME to git on down to the ROOT of the Problem: Aggressive Warmaking for Profit. THAT action MUST STOP – or the Nuremberg Principles as well as many other foundational documents that underpin and buttress the First Principles of JUST and PEACEABLE Human Community might as well have never been inked.

    Gonna’ need some SEALs for that…

    Forget Seal Team 6. That mission on North Korean soil was clearly wrongful from the git-go. They’re toast now anyway, likely shackled inside 3X3X3-foot Cube Cells somewhere under Pyongyang’s well-patrolled streets and weeping bitterly for a good stretch to their legs that sure will hurt even worse by the time it is granted.

    Fact: It is an ABSOLUTE NATURAL RIGHT EVERY nation to to CHOOSE ITS OWN BANKER, and NO International Banker has ANY right to punish ANY nation for declining to do business with them.

    Ethic: “No interest here, thank you! So no deal because there is no market here – now move along quietly and peacefully, MISTER Banker! Enjoy your dinner with your lovely family. We’ll organize our own banking operation for our own selves within our own borders, thank you very much. Next!”

    Analysis: So it’ll have to be “Seal Team 6a” or even “Seal Team Seven” to be tasked with insertion on an identify-and-capture+render mission against the operative principals of the Rothschild International Banking dynasty. Seal Team Eight can similarly and (preferably) simultaneously bring in Georgy Porgie Soros for questioning re his egregious abuse of all manner of pudding, pie, little boys and tea-cakes (also petrol bombs and rooftop snipers and hired rioters and false-front foundations and etc etc ad nausaeum.)

    As to that blood-soaked, cack-handed scum-gobbler Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu: THAT one should imho be similarly given a cheerful and effectively devastating visit at the most horridly holy hour of the morning possible by Seal Teams Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve, strategically deployed in meticulous tactical arrangement and fully equipped to suit the high-intensity occasion. (Because IDF+Mossadim+stolen nukes used for blackmail etc etc ad naus yet again, is why.)

    Opinion: There is a GOOD REASON why the HONEST ones (re)settled in Birobidjian imvho. A VERY GOOD one! The aggressive criminally-inclined askenazim, otoh, remained true only to their criminal Khazarian Empire roots. THAT mob o’ schmuckzim up and grabbed, by means of all manner of armed force and fork-tongued fraud, all manner of OTHER PEOPLE’S LAND, LIVELIHOODS, LIVES, DIGNITY and all! And all the while they swore up and down that they were “Semites” (shrieking “ANTISEMITE” at every honest soul who raised the disparity) even though so many of them were TOO DAMN BLONDE to EVER pass as such!

    Aside: Even a lie so big as THAT one could only last while the Rest of Us remained in social isolation, effectively destroyed for lack of knowledge. But the rise of popular Internet-based global-grade communication actually changed all that, now did it not?

    So: Enough is enough, sez this Old Turtle. Because appeasement only encourages such as these to additional and greater crimes against the Rest of Us while formal “negotiations” with such monstrous crooks as these only keep our Good People tied up and interminably delay any and all JUST resolution of ALL things held captive under top-down, State+Bankster-driven criminal assault. And because CLEAN SEALS versus DIRTY CLOWNS is quite likely a better bet in light of the above.

    So: Am I basically right or am I just plain right, already? Hasn’t the Rest of the World had ENOUGH, already? Just askin’.

    After all, it’s ONLY a Sandbox Exercise! But it really maybe oughta’ get ACTUALIZED imvh&morally-outraged_o. Just sayin’! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

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