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  • Smittoonable .

    Excellent article and I fully agree

  • Smittoonable .

    To the Editor, can you send this to Alex Jones at Infowars , as sure he would read online and then Pres Trump would hear as well as he’s sadly already being corrupted by the likes of the evil Soros Puppets McCain and Lindsay Graham to react as he has about the false flag Chemical attack in Syria. . He shot his mouth off without seriously thinking after being wrongly advised by War mongering Military advisors also on the Black State payroll of Soros like McCain and Graham. Why would Assad do that to his people when he is now through the help of Russia having success in eliminating the terrorist ISIS group , and besides he also has no chemical weapons as all removed and monitored by Russia and an International monitoring group 3 years ago . CIA/Soras false white helmets globalist terrorist actions for sure , and likely as Pres Putin has stated behind the evil attack in St Petersburg as well , look how many Russian Diplomats have been killed in the past year as well , and I’m sure these evil scum are behind their deaths as well. About time some American Nazis suffered the same fate , as that is exactly what the CIA is based on , McCain is an evil War Mongering head of this Establishment for sure.

  • 267July

    There are a lot of Muslims out there and America is running out of bribery money

  • aselfishpoet

    “… and that he personally had intimate knowledge of their dealings.”

    MH370 and MH17?

  • FlorianGeyer

    Superb article. If I was able I would live in Russia tomorrow.

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