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  • opereta

    Maidan is the MOST NEGATIVE event of Ukraine History siince 1950….

  • Alan

    So true what you say, but this is the typical result of the US EU Nato interference and your Elected Govts Ousting by the Violence of Maidan. They don’t give a rats about Ukraine really , and they just push for chaos and they have exactly what they wanted to create as profitable for their Zionazi Masters , plus a way to try also to destabilize Russia and drag them in to a full on war. How crazy are the European Countries and their Govts to allow America to dictate to them as to what they have to do , especially as Russia was an important trading partner, and I might add still is the most open trading partner of Ukraine despite the supposed hate and blame game. So many of us now in the West see beyond our Govts and how they are manipulated by the US/Israel and their Corporate Masters. These days they sadly do not act for their people as they were elected to do, but for the 1 % Club of World Govt Controllers, and thankfully Russia and their Leadership are not swayed by this evil group and are as others should be , for the very people who elected them , their own citizens.
    Donbass and it’s new Republics are evidence of these very same people , good decent People who refuse to be dictated to by the US/EU Nato and their Zionazi Masters, they represent the freedom of society against the Fascist dictatorships that continue to try to inflict their genocide traits and evil against People who just want to live on their Land , land that they and their Families have lived on and farmed for Centuries. I salute all the fighters that defend the freedom and rights of the Donbass people .

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