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  • Toronto Tonto

    All would be OK if the Russian army was not hiding behind these homes of the innocent people being killed by the Russian invaders in Ukraine .

  • Victor Victory

    Hey when will you write an article about Ukraine cooperating with aliens from mars to kill all Russians?

    • neutrinox

      Vlava Vkraini? Victor-Victoria?

  • DarkEyes

    They have been trained by US, Canada, Poland and Israelis “special killing forces” probably.
    That is why they are so brave in their “war against civilians”!
    This is IMO a perfect sign they are on the way to their own destruction and taking a lot of brave canadian special killing forces with them.
    What a mess! Has anybody ever told these “brave soldiers” who are murdering innocent civilians what a kind of low level human beings they are?
    Then I will, hereby.

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