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  • The ISIS and all the other ‘terrorist forces’ in the middle east are funded and trained and equipped by the American tax payer. We are the terrorist nation. We, under the directions of our Israeli ‘friends’ are killing Muslim people by the thousands. This is not what I, an America citizen want. I want us to declare victory in the WAR ON TERRORISM and bring all of our troops home and use our tax funds to rebuild our nation.

    • Zak Novak

      Pat,,,you are a true American, the true voice,,,the one that seeks and makes sure his country is not corrupt,,as our founders would have wanted it that way ! Bravo Pat !

    • Angela copeland

      I completely agree!! Our us government lies about everything. They have terrorist here now, so they can cause false flag events against it’s own people! They want to get us fighting amongst ourselves so martial law can be inacted. Some of us know truths and are trying to reveal them but we are called conspiracy nuts. All wars caused by the us was for money/oil. Horrible! There are detention centers ready now and I’m sure once the economy collapses, many many Americans will be put into them! I pray for humanity! Until the Elite families and those under the elites rule are taken down, this world has no hope! It will be done!! It will be done!! Great people who want peace and love will one day drive this planet!!

      • Natali Sapphir

        Thank’s, dear Angela that you’ve shared your opinion! Together we will win this information war!

  • Kolokol

    This story is from Sorcha Faal, a well known disinfo artist. I know, the links Faal uses are good, usually. That’s why it’s effective disinformation.

    Search a sentence like: “Once Wendy Sherman was advised by Minister Ravanchi of Sepāh’s capture of this Islamic State terror leader” and see if you don’t find the notorious site

    • Zak Novak

      Wake up my friend,,the story is real,,just like the ISIS = AMERICA !!

  • Zak Novak

    read the article,,not by us,,we do honest reporting thank you

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