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  • Toronto Tonto

    All Russian invaders in Ukraine will go home dead in a box. or get cooked up in the portable crematorium.

  • DarkEyes

    For the canadian brave defenders of the stolen country Ukraine by the UkroNazis was last week not very good.
    Six filled bodybags on retour to Canada.
    They were lost? And shot?
    Well, these canadian fascists have nothing lost in DPR and LPR.
    Canadians go home alive, now you still can. And take the rest of the aggressor Nato with you.
    Especially the insane Norwegians.
    Russia is not the enemy! Your government is!

  • DarkEyes

    When are the heavy paid commissioners in Brussels finally stand up and demand a hold to these murderous bombardments by the UkroNazis. The same UkroNazis who can have a free visa to enter western Europe when the ground in Nazi Ukraine is becoming too warm for them and they can “refuge” or put a “asylum request” in a member state of the EU.

    Is it that difficult, Mr. EU chairman Juncker, to demand a cease fire to save human lives and secondly that the EU-lackey PorkyChoco have to put under financial pressure to stop bombing innocent people and thirdly to stick to that Minsk treaty.
    Is this too much asked for you, EU?
    You are being paid by the member states of this European Union to gave services to the same member states. And they order you to tell ChocoDrill to stop killing innocent people!
    If your are staying idle, silent and doing nothing, you are an accomplice in the murdering of innocent civilian people in the republics DPR and LPR.

    May God bless DPR, LPR and the people of Ukraine of good will.
    Hurry up, EU, this is very urgent, this demand for cease fire is an emergency!

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