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  • joe mcivor

    Hypocrites indeed but the EU has always followed the US , not the other way around : the EU wasn’t the first to place sanctions on Russia ,America was . The original sanctions round was ordered by Barack Obama on 6 March 2014 , with the EU conforming on March 17 , 2014 .That EU compliance had mostly been the pattern up until May this year when Chancellor Angela Merkel started saying things like : “Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands” and “Of course, we need to have friendly relations with the US and with the UK and with our other neighbours, including Russia …..even so ,we have to fight for our own future ourselves.” Uppity talk as far as the US and UK are concerned ,
    The EU and the US both know that the bill is intended to target European companies more than American ones ,principally Gazprom’s Nord Stream II pipeline between Russia and Germany, which is largely financed by European (EU) banks.

    • DarkEyes

      And of course, reptile Merkel is playing tough towards the US and softy towards Russia. Why?
      Quite simple. The German general elections are in September 2017. And she insist to keep the control and power over “das Deutsche Reich” und the European Union.
      In the meantime, she let Europe being pumped up with millions of “fugitives” and “migrants” all according to Soros’ Plan and UN Plan. IMO, for Mrs. Merkel it is only a handicap that Germany as a nation has not dissolved yet, still exists.
      It is a shame to let such an irresponsable person at the rudder of a great nation.

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