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  • Karol

    už to treba zobrať útokom na celej bojovej čiare a zahnať ich až ku Kyjevu.

    • Zbig

      Tak Karol gnac az do Kijowa..!

  • Zabo

    Bravo ! Que Dieu soit avec vous, vous protège et vous donne la victoire !

  • Chris

    Drive them off! Best wishes from Germany

    • Damian

      Greetings and best wishes to Novorossia from New Hampshire, USA. Many here are with you!

      • privateLugansk

        One THing Lugansk and Donetsk could do is the following:

        Simply take the US Declaration of Independence Translate it into Russian and Ukrainian as a special document for establishment of a Joint Unified Nation, and declare that to be your guiding document, modifying Great Britain to Kiev, etc….

        It is a very irregular idea, but the principals in that document DO FIT DONBASS.
        It also would complete derail the USA’s plan if this was pushed as your guiding document followed by a EARLY version of the US Constitution, and even a Congress and Senate and President. The US documents were based on a Greek City state in Southern Turkey in the 6th Century BC. Having a one off of Thomas Jefferson as your guiding light and publishing it heavily as a Libertarian Nation with Christian Principals would derail many of the American neocons or at least cause them to go into a state of confusion.

  • Roman Burgan

    Poroshenko, you traitor, you will reap what you sow!!!

  • Equipe rédactionnelle

    There are many proofs around that it was Ukrainian government standing behind those action taken against the humanity. Web is full of proofs, go on, and search some. Stop watching TV, start thinking.

    • Equipe rédactionnelle

      A girlfriend its’ a great enlightener ! Do you joke, don’t you?
      If you have some proofs of russian troops in Ukraine, you must to send it immediately to the CIA because they are seeking for it in vain several months.
      Because you speak French: La solitude des morts de Marioupol. Ouvrez vos yeux et faites fonctionner vos cerveaux plus vite !

    • Paul222

      “Would they shoot on themselfs and to do so go in to your territory?” Because the true masters of the Ukrainian army, the americans, are specialists in FALSE FLAG ATTACKS! Remember 9/11???

    • privateLugansk

      I have had 5 people I know die in Lugansk and North of Lugansk over the past year. Two were executed in their car – mother and 18 y/o son (Ukrainian Ethnic)(on the road north of Lugansk in no-mans land), three by Rockets (women – older). I have seen the old folks home near one of my apartments where the dead are still in their wheelchairs back months ago. My local STOP (store) is destroyed, my apartments all hit by Ukrainian Artillery/Rockets 90% of the time – if you want to be honest – 10% apelchenshi (s0p) (early on before they became more disciplined). I have even seen one of my apartments featured on RT. There is NO difference between the current parasites in power in Kiev and the last, and the ones four years before them, and the one four years before them stretching back to 1992. That is the truth. The Billionaires started this war, for the most part they want this war, and the Billionaires will have their war and the little people will suffer. Only someone completely delusioned does not understand that on a routine basis far more then 5000 civilians (closer to 15-25K) have been killed. A friend of mine last May who was in the Ukrainian Police while they still functioned somewhat in the area, was provided the names of 44 dead civilians in one day in Lugansk/Luhansk and he was ordered to report up the chain to Kiev only 15. That is a real event. The German Newspapers today came out with the real figures, closer to 50K dead. Roughly 18-19K Ukrainian Soldiers, 5-6K NovoRussian, Guess what the others are (Civilians) (25K). Mostly Women and Children and old men too poor to move. That is the Ukraine that Yat and Mr. Chocolate has given us. I remember Peroshenko stating that the day after he was elected he would come to DonBass and sit down with whatever leadership was there and STOP the war. He never came. He lied. Since the 40-50K people have died. I do not believe this peace plan is any more then another lie and it will fail. The primary reason is the American very much want to destroy Russia at all costs and what better way then to kill Ukrainians, Russians and all their non-American friends. It is sad you have bought off with the lies of the Western press so completely. I read the KievPost and the Ukrainian papers/web sites, as well as the Russians and to be honest about it the Russians seem to tell the truth more often tied to the military Events. For example the Ukrainian Government has never admitted to more then 1100 soldiers dead. Yet has destroyed 20K Russian (dreamland). When you have liars like Yat and Mr. Chocolate you have mistakes. The mistake America is making is setting itself up for a REAL Nuclear war. Did you know that America lost 250K military in WWII. Did you know that Russia and the Soviet Union lot 24-28 Million. Did you know that 9 out of 10 Germans killed in WWII were killed by Soviets? Russians understand war, there is NO Russian or Ukrainian family that has not had at least one Grandparent or multiple Great Grandparents killed by the Germans (NAZI). The Russians instinctively understand what the NAZI are. You do not.

      When the Americans provide weapons to Ukraine (which the Americans must do to continue the war and bleed Russia and overthrow President Putin) then Russia will react in a way America will NOT like. Initially it will NOT be Nuclear, but this is getting to be a worse situation then the Cuban Missile Crisis WHERE a Russian Submarine that was being attacked by US warships had two out of three controlling officers agree to shoot their 18 nukes at the USA and one officer refused. That one officer stopped world war III in 1962. These types of officers in the USA and probably in Russia this time do not exist in the same way as back then. The certainly do NOT exist in the totally ineffective and incompetent Ukrainian Military. This time it will go Nuclear because America does not understand War on its own soil and 200 million Americans and Canadians and a hell of a lot of other people will die in a few days. Good news is Global warming will stop.

      You should take the time to review Ron Paul and see what he thinks is going on rather than listen just to your girlfriend.

      Did you know that a Ukrainian soldier who loses say his leg and is up at the Hospital in Kiev gets NOTHING in compensation. Absolutely nothing, and has to many cases (all) pay for his/her medication. Ukraine is that poor.

      Finally those evil Russian Troops everyone talks about. Individuals come over and fight from the former CIS states. That is a fact and everyone openly says this (including President Putin). Military Special Units probably come here as well. Sort of like that American specialist in Maripol recently. Both sides have irregular boots on the ground. However, There are three ethnic major groups in Ukraine (Ukrainian (western/central), Russian (Eastern/Central), and can’t spell it in English (5) Slobodan is spoken in Kharkiv, Sumy, Luhansk, and the northern part of Donetsk, as well as in the Voronezh and Belgorod regions of Russia.[50] This dialect is formed from a gradual mixture of Russian and Ukrainian, with progressively more Russian in the northern and eastern parts of the region. Thus, there is no linguistic border between Russian and Ukrainian, and, thus, both grammar sets can be applied.[46]). The people in Lugansk are mostly Russian with many Ukrainian mixed in but have intermarried heavily. So when the Ukrainian artillery and rockets hit the city they are killing Ukrainian Ethnics and Russian Ethnics equally. That is a fact. In Russia they cry about it in Kiev they rejoice. Go figure.

      Well, you should open your eyes
      This war is planned by the west to destabilize Russia. That is all.

      Evil is there, and you are being taken over by it. Good Luck.

      • Reno Santori

        Well said indeed, glad to see there’s still people who know the truth

  • Equipe rédactionnelle

    • ST

      that would be Ban Ki Moon who expressed gratitude for the late king abdullah’s “generous humanitarian and developmental support” for efforts across the Middle East. Yup liar. As for the rest of your questions you are an idiot for asking them

    • Djery

      Yes ban ki moon and whoever else that are part of the united nation or osce they are all liars. So you wanted them to so say ‘oh yes sure the Kiev government is responsible for the shelling’,they would have never say such thing because the money is in the hand of the Kiev government,they need that money,
      They will blame it all on the rebellion because they don’t like freedom ,they want to keep people oppressed because that is how they get their money. More soldier Kiev sent to the war zone, more debt for Ukraine and more money in the pockets of NATO the “united nation” and the united states because they own the gun and military factories ,mostly ,so they will always say it was the rebel that fire the rokets because they want Kiev to say okay we will need more rockets to respond to the rebels low fire power… Trust me ,you can never crush a rebellion, the rebel will always win,they are smarter and they have a goal they wont stop till they reach it .

    • Mako

      Tu n’as rien d’autre à faire, toi? Combien de fois encore tu vas répéter tes questions à la con? Et tes questions, adresse-les à Porkoshenko. Il a des réponses. Ceci n’est pas un chat – c’est un espace pour des commentaires. Alors tu renverses ton immense sagesse et tes brillantes déductions (en oubliant, bien sûr, les crimes de guerre des putchistes, Blackwater et les American advisors, Monsanto, FMI et le vol de la terre et autres ressources de ta chère deuxième patrie) puis tu vas te coucher, ok?

    • Goon E. Googoo

      I love this one… Too bad the Western media won’t show it. Who would have known 20 years ago that Westerners would have to visit Russian web sites to get real reporting.

    • privateLugansk

      Those Paratroopers were early on – and in the same week a Ukrainian Mech Unit crossed the Russian border and was NOT destroyed, simply requested to move back to their own side.

      Vast majority of the Donbass forces are from Donbass – there are perhaps 3-4K visitors (not from the Russian Military), there are probably at times the same sort of Irregular Specialists when necessary. I don’t think it matters because when the USA puts in DEFENSIVE equipment, you should assume you will see regular Russian military with Tactical Nuclear Weapon and Chemical Warfare support as far as Kiev and the RUMP state of Eastern Poland (Western Ukraine) will come into back into existence over a few days. i.e. Canada should expect a large wave of Ukrainian (the rich parasites not the poor) show up for their citizenships. OBama is honestly worse then George Bush II who I really thought was the worst US President, but Obama if he commits military aid is ENDING Ukraine as a unified state. If has has any brains (AT ALL) which I strongly doubt – Obama should tell his pet YAT to take a autonomy deal and demilitarize ALL of Ukraine, which is what I am in favor of LIKE Costa Rica.

  • Equipe rédactionnelle

  • Tim

    I’m looking forward to your victory over the illegitimate Kiev Government that my corrupt government props up. The good people of Donetsk, Lugansk, and all of Donbass deserve their freedom, their prosperity, and the right to rule themselves as they see fit!

    Tucson, Arizona USA

    • RockyRacoon

      Hear! Hear! YOU! From the country formerly known as Canada.

  • jozef

    Do toho chlapci a vyplaste tu – moderation – bandu az za Charkov

  • jozef

    Ta prasacia hlava Porosenko pred 2 dnami povedal ,ze Vam da na ZUBY a teraz debil uz chce zastavenie bojov ,ziadny ustup HURA a rubat a sekat tych z kurvysynoch zidovskych

  • ferdi

    Novorussia must and will win! All free people of this world are with you because you defend your country, your liberty and your people. They destroyed Yugoslavia in the same way. We were a great and free county and now we are slaves. Slaves in the own country.

  • Equipe rédactionnelle

    By the way, Marc, we suppose you are a real man? Wy aren’t you at the front? Our men are all there, and you? Apart your claptrap here?

    • Equipe rédactionnelle

      You are at the front? Really? That must be hard to write your messages the weapon in the hand.

    • Goon E. Googoo

      Hey Marc the Homo.
      Do you know how often the US has blocked the UNSC ? Ove 250 times on behalf of Israel alone.

      Why don’t you go check and educate yourself instead of blowing your BF ?

  • John Galt

    moderation OSCE!
    moderation UN and it’s secretary!

  • Anne

    All the best , keep up the good fight. Do not stop even if Kiev beg for peace , talk and fight that is the the only thing the criminals in Kiev understand , they started it and now you are in a position to finish it on your terms , don’t give them a second to recover.

    • Mako

      Yes, no place for deals or cease-fires the junta never honored. There’s only one way: to kick out of your territoriy every SS and every bandera. And to proceed to Odessa! Maybe that way someone will send Göringshenko to court, together with Adolfenyuk, for their crimes.

  • massimo

    I hope total victory will be soon with you, you are a pride, free and peaceful people that is fighting for his land and his independence from slavery.
    I’m Italian and I support totally your reason to resist and fighting against fascist puppet government of Kiev that is a bad government made by liars like Poroshenko and Yatseniuk.
    Go and liberate Novorossia from Nazis!!!

  • massimo

    I’d like you don’t stop and free Kiev too from zionist liar and puppets of illegal ukrinian government!

  • John Rambo

    Tot den junta faschisten!

  • G.Reinhold

    You russians are brave people. your hearts are on the right spot. When i see my people here in germany i feel ashamed. Many of them believe the western propaganda in our press surporting the kiev nazi junta. europe is weak and dekadent, they believe in homo transgender and teachers on the schools propagate homosexuality to the children. disgusting neo-liberal capitalism rules every part of our society. materialism without honor is poisoning our hearts and with that they brainwash our children. because the sovietunion is not existing anymore they think they can rule the world now.but there comes more and more resistance.querfront,sozialists and identitäre movement are more and more close to each other. You the fighters of novorussia are not only fighting for the freedom of the donbass and holy russian soil. No, you are fighting for the freedom of Eurasia. Freedom from these western/us/atlantic bastards and the slavery that they bring about the people of our homes, destroying our identity. Movements like Pegida,Pegada and the Montagsdemos are bringing tenthousand protesters to the streets. communists,nationalists old and young are walking shoulder to shoulder for freedom. If our corrupt german goverment tries to make war with russia we will kick theyre ass. german soldiers should never again fight against russians.
    Russians have a right to live united. My heart and my mind is with the army of novorussia. May the victory yours. Take revenge fore the inoccent victims. god is with you people!!!

    • Natali Sapphir

      It is inspiring for us that people all over the world understand us and support! We hope that authorities, heads of International organizations and Courts will see all this and guilty Nazi will be punished! Thank you!

  • Montenegro – ЧЕРНОГОРИЯ

    Greetings for the Russian brothers from Montenegro!
    Черногорцы и Черногория с вами!
    Уничтожьте всех фашистов из Киева!

  • Opereta

    From Chile we support Novorussia against the Nazi-zionist régimen ocupying Kiev. Long life and good hunting fighters of Novorussia !!!

  • FOX

    Best wishes to Novorossia from SLOVAKIA.

  • Exilant

    best wishes for your righteous fight against that useu-sponsored puppet regime in kiev.what insanity that our german politics support those nazis with cash&good press.i only feel ashame for that and hope that you will get those gangsters in kiev before they disappear into the u.s. or any eu vasallenstaat.carry on!

  • dkeighobadi

    Hope you guys make it. Best wishes and stay safe,

    From Manchester, UK

  • Zbig

    Best wishes to Novorossia from USA ..Chicago area !!

  • John Olliff

    Long live Noworossija. Me and my Father support Noworossija all the way. There may be few in the US who support those who fight against the Fascist Junta of Kiew. But know there is at least a handful. I have lost friends in Ukraine. They died at the hands of Kiew! May you liberate yourselves from the Neo-Nazi Pigs of Kiew! Warm wishes and best of luck from Alabama in the US!

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