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  • AMHants

    What makes the EU think that the people of Lugansk and Donetsk, would want to travel to any EU nation, after the way they have been treated. It is a big world out there and hopefully the other 80%, those in the emerging economies, will make sure that Donetsk and Lugnask will be OK. Just think of all the opportunities for them, when the New Silk Road is up and running?

  • Unfana

    They have every right to travel to EU as they are citizens of Ukraine. This is the most vile and despicable act by the EU imaginable – they want to punish the people of Donbass to punish Russia. The EU stinks.


      Exactly,I imagine this is towards regional new passports,unlike existing ukranian,so it’s like dual currency both variants do have purpose,though not afraid to see more ample opportunity but reiterate,such does not apply to crimea nor moldova,nor belarus,nor turkey nor armenia russia,nor cis,nor all regions me,asia,africa,uk,usa,south america,australia,new zealand,canada nor err’donbass 8-?

      what has eu to offer really,sexy women with beards + lgbt hangout bars 8-(‘

  • 267July

    440,000 sex workers in Germany. Caste system in the EU. Who wants to go there?

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