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  • Belarus Gander

    Good please send more home to Canada in that condition as well as some of the US child rapists and baby murdering troops that are in the Ukraine as “advisors” so the US claims. Хорошо, пожалуйста, присылайте больше жилья в Канаду в этом состоянии, а также некоторых детей-насильников из США и детей, убивающих войска, которые находятся на Украине в качестве «советников», так заявляют США.

    • Teri Sologoub

      You’re a bigger fool than the idiots who invented this obvious LIE!

  • Fran Webber

    Where are the Ukrainian flags?

  • Thom Kinoshta

    Canada has more Ukrainian than any country in the world after Ukraine. 10,000 dead not 100,000. you need a better proof reader.

    • Thank you, Thom,
      It was a typo-o error. And yes, we are looking for volunteers at Novorossia Today as proof readers.

  • Vera Van Horne

    What are your sources?.. What Canadian official? What interview?.. Please understand that there is no information about this in Canada (where I live), so the whole incident about killed Canadians is considered to be fake news…

    • My Dear
      Maple Leaf Friend from across the border. How many times have we heard dead US solders and allies hidden from the media from secret wars MIA’s and so called accidents and now you dare question what your government hides or does, I know you know the answer and only the families know the answer.

      • Teri Sologoub

        You’re lying and you know it.
        All Russian’s are liars!

      • excusemebut2

        As a Canadian of Russian origin, I have great respect for Russia and her people.

        THAT BEING SAID….this is NOT the USA, this is NOT Russia. It is Canada.

        Your article is pure fabrication and LIES. You have NO sources, no proof.

        If you can not print the truth, shut the hell up.

      • Vera Van Horne

        It’s not about me… Without evidence this is just another fake story, do you understand?.. A photo taken in 2008 doesn’t help either.
        Ministry of Defense in Canada answered there is no causalities in Ukraine. If there are ANY hard proof, please share, because it could end Canadian military mission to Ukraine. Any photos, videos of bodies, of the IDs?.. ANYTHING??

    • Teri Sologoub

      It is FAKE news
      Just like the rest of the Kremlin propaganda outlets

  • Unfana

    Ukranian violations of the Minsk Agreement are suppressed in Western media.

    • Teri Sologoub

      Liar! It’s the invading Russian fascists who are violating the Minsk agreement

      • Unfana

        In a territorial war that has become a status quo, the party acquiring land has nothing the gain by violating an agreement, however the party losing territory has everything to gain – they must fight.

      • Joao Lima

        You are just a little Azov POS. Kiev is busy shelling civilians in the East indiscriminately and I for one cannot wait to see Russia actually invade Ukraine and kick your murderous butt.

        • Teri Sologoub

          Another lying Kremlin bot!
          Crawl back inside your smelly hole and be quiet

  • Rick Pryce

    Полная ерунда. Это абсолютная ложь.

  • excusemebut2

    This article is pure propaganda. NO basis in fact.

  • Tom Last

    LOL! Umm, ya right! Just love the old school primitive Soviet propaganda bullshit. This is the worst effort I’ve ever seen in attempting to spread lies. Unlike Russia, here in Canada we have freedom of the press, freedom of speech, human rights, etc. So your silly backwards propaganda efforts are a hilarious complete waste of time on Canadians or any other intelligent and well informed people outside of Russia.

    It’s no wonder the world laughs at Russia and Russians themselves. Russians will always be serfs and have some Czar to rule over them, as they’re really not that intelligent and are too lazy and drunk to have anything else. But that’s the Russian way the whole world know’s and laughs at. But please, keep up the great joke paper! Always good for a laugh a day.

    • gragor11a

      Well you certainly don’t speak for me Tom Last about how we Canadians feel about the Russians. But we certainly haven’t heard anything about these deaths over here in Canada where we like to fetishize the death of our dear solders.

    • Joao Lima

      Tom,I do not know whether this article is correct or not. However I have to say that you are still living in the past like the good little Russophobe you are. The BS you posit of Canadian press freedom is also ludicrous.

  • Del Crow

    Many of the Canadian soldiers are of Ukrainian ancestry. They’re back home.

  • Shmizer

    Keep killing the russian scum. The only good putin loyalist is a dead one.

  • Galyna Shevchenko

    This is a BIG FAT LIE! There are NO Canadians in the Ukrainian Army! These are Canadians in Iraq in the picture.

  • Toronto Tonto

    More total bs from the Russian invaders..

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