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  • A Joyce

    Seal team 6 probably went down south to find a gay bar.

  • Judotoss

    Or maybe not… Probably not. Most definitely not.

  • Thegr8rambino

    I thought seal team 6 was killed in Afghanistan on a helicopter by an rpg

  • soldier

    over rated… sas- eastern european special forces are the best

  • Nesko Kolasinac

    Probably BS, but i’d be the first to celebrate if these bastardos were met with a bullet to the head

  • Ed Troyer

    Since the Pentagon began taking orders from the jew back in the early 60s they have no integrity or credibility. My dad said as much – he retired in the late ’50s.

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    “The evil North Koreans have arrested our officers! That’s an act of war! Now we have to nuke North Korea and Russia in retaliation!”
    — US mainstream media

  • evader2014

    American forces who broke radio silence to ask for help

    But but but but but but . . . they should have gone down fighting.

  • Seal Team Sixes don’t seem to have much luck. The last one got wiped out to cover up the fact that it was a fake attempt on someone who vaguely looked like bin Laden (who was a CIA agent himself). It’s okay, Seal Teams are all made up of orphans for just this contingency.

  • Slave 2none

    since s few remember bin layd had a kidney issue and died of said failure in the late 90’s amerika believed to bs story and went to teh movies in drove to watch a follywood production…..

    so now comes the sequel NK set free movie trailer coming in June…er ah..July…..ah maybe August…..oh wait press still doesn’t know? sheet how do I delete the tweets?????—-Kushner…….jooworldodor extraordinaire …..

    • Tom Lowe

      When the fake Mars Rover project went live, the (((team leader))) at JPL said “We made a good movie.”

      Hollywood is right down at the bottom of the hill from JPL.

      Liars. Fakers. Criminals.

      • Slave 2none

        a big AMEN!

  • Anti Everything

    Well now the same lie about ‘taking out Osama’ with seal team 6? I guess they’ll dump Kim in the ocean as well once their ‘dirty business’ is done being faked.

  • kinky

    “The Pentagon told News Front that the US does not train for decapitation strikes of any kind”.

    Lying thugs as always.

  • Bud Butley

    Most have lost the plot. A seal team is “evaporated” when the mission fails or it’s failure becomes public knoledge. It doesn’t mean they are dead, it just means they’re taken off the chessboard and given a bit of a rest. they carry wads of cash in their backpacks. My view is that six resourceful, healthy guys in their mid 30′ or early 40’s would have had it up to HERE with Hilly’s crackpot games. Fool me once…but not twice. So they stage their second disappearance and go native in the vast Asian pleasure grounds. Politicians and diplomats do it all the time.

    • Tom Lowe

      The outdoorsy, clean living ones would simply swim to western Patagonia and “live offa the fatta the lan’!” :p

  • Koolz

    The Pentagon(Pentagon) as in Satanic Astrological …has never spoken the truth about anything ever!
    Ask the Pentagon where three trillion dollars went this year.
    Seal Team six is made up there is no such thing there was no killing of Osama Bin Laden because he died in 2001 and was a CIA OP.
    Those that were called Seal Team Six were thrown out of a Helicopter for opening their mouths.

  • bonami

    Reminds me somehow of the CIA deployed U-2 pilot being shot down just as Eisenhower and Khrushchev were about to start talks…everything old is new again..

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