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Friends, we need your help: our project is at threat

2 years has already passed since war in Donbass started, we give you the latest news and the most complete and objective information about current events in People’s Republics, Ukraine and in the World.

Our team consists of enthusiastic people, who often devote their free time and weekends to the important work of breaking the information blockade around the Donbass and its struggle for freedom.

Struggle that is a part of struggle of progressive people all over the world and true patriots of their states who do not want to live at the behest of imperialism and global financial institutions.

Unfortunately, Donetsk People’s Republic is still in economic blockade of the constant threat of active military actions resumption.

Until recently, our project had a small source of funding from the private person that allowed us to pay a small salary of a local team of journalists of 8 people and maintain their independence from government structures; it means that they cover the events objectively.

And this is without taking into account high-journalists and translators working for us remotely on a voluntary basis, because, unfortunately, we were not able to pay them even the minimum remuneration for the tremendous work that they do.

This funding was stopped due to reasons beyond our control. Our agency can stop its activity, 8 people will be left with no means for existence, and you without the latest and hottest news from the heart of Donbass.

Unfortunately, enthusiasm is not enough for a long time.

If you are ready to help to our work, providing us financial assistance, even very small, we will be very grateful. You will support the freedom of speech and independent press.

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