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  • Katrina Kuan

    Steven Ebert is just a Typical Control FREAK Israeli/American JEW. He only learned to speak Russian because SAME AS for example New Zealand and Australian CIA and Mi6 and Israeli Mossad IN CHINA learn Chinese Language – NOT BECAUSE they support China, BECAUSE they WANT SPY and UNDERSTAND WHAT CHINESE BUSINESS PEOPLE are SAYING to Eachother same as STEVEN EBERT want KNOW what Russian Business and Politics People are SAYING…. THAT is the ONLY REASON they learned Chinese, it ONLY REASON he learned RUSSIAN, not because WIFE…haha, His wife probably not even REAL RUSSIAN PERSON or she is probably Extremely Pro-American, her and Steven SUPPORT John McCain, Joe Biden, The Clintons… Steven Ebert same as Steven Segal want to come Visit Russia because they WANT SPY ON RUSSIA and BE CLOSE to ALL DEVELOPING EVENTS. Steven Ebert is ISRAELI MOSSAD INTEL AGENT and just TYPICAL CONTROL FREAK JEW. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH. Don’t bother meeting with Steven Ebert or Steven Segal or Roy Jones Jr. etc….They ALL ANTI-Russian AGENTS from CIA, MOSSAD, British Mi6 etc… I KNOW because I AM FROM CHINA, was Born in Canada and I SEEN and KNOW EVERYTHING about a guy as STEVEN EBERT….

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